Organic Intensive Foot Ointment

Organic Intensive Foot Ointment

$ 14.99

This Organic Intensive Foot Ointment is the answer for severely dry & cracked feet. Made with a base of : Local Unrefined Beeswax {for its naturally occurring bee propolis} , Organic Grapeseed Oil {easily absorbed}, and Fair Trade Shea Butter.

I have also infused this Organic Foot Ointment with Organic Essential Oils Organic Pine & Organic Rosewood! Both have known properties for healing and regeneration.

​​It only takes a little to do the trick as it spreads well! Spread onto feet before bedtime & put on some cotton socks. Bedtime is the best time to use it because when you are sleeping, your body repairs itself.

​​You will recieve 1 - 2oz. Glass Jar with a BPA free plastic screw top lid. Both are recycleable & reuseable!

This is a new addition to the Honey Bee Holistics line geared towards Men. It has a woodsy smell to it that Men prefer. It is also good for Women as well if you like the piney scent of Pine essential oil. When you slather it on and go to sleep, no one will know anyway! 

Ingredients: organic unrefined local beeswax, organic grapeseed oil, fair trade shea butter, organic pine essential oil, organic rosewood essential oil, hand extracted pine resin, fir tip infused oil.

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