Organic Almond Soap made w/Handmade Almond Milk from Non-Gmo Almonds - Not from a base - 4oz Hand cut

Organic Almond Soap made w/Handmade Almond Milk from Non-Gmo Almonds - Not from a base - 4oz Hand cut

$ 8.50
This is one of my most popular soaps yet! It is loaded with skin loving Vitamin E from the fresh whole Organic Almonds used in it from start to finish! PLUS a special addition of Organic Almond Butter which is made from the nuts is added to the soap for SUPER moisturizing qualities!
This soap is great for those who have dry, mature skin that needs extra gentle exfoliation and moisturization. I use this soap exclusively for my daughter during the Winter months when her skin is especially dry!

~~~~~~~~So how do I get all of the nutrients extracted from the Almonds into the soap?~~~~~~~~~

First I take Organic Raw NON-GMO Almonds and soak them overnight in Mountain Spring Water which makes it easier to peel their skins off. Then I take the time to peel each and every one of the almonds skins off and separate them out. Now I am ready to make the Homemade Almond Milk out of them. 

I use the Homemade Almond Milk in making the soap, as well as reincorporate the almond mush that is left over from the milk making. I dry the skins out till they are crispy. Then I grind them up fine and add them back in at the end of the soap making process so it not only adds an interesting speckled color, but works as a very gentle exfoliant to help get rid of dead skin!!

So as you see, a lot of time and efforts went into making sure all of the components of the Organic Almonds were used! Completely fragrance-free, no preservatives, not even any essential oils! 
Just pure, natural Organic Almonds!


This pairs well with my Organic Wrinkle Away Face Cream!

Keep it dry and out of sitting water and you can make this bar last a long time!

You will receive (1) Handcut bar of soap that weighs 3-4oz. It will come labeled and wrapped!

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