7 day Trial of Plexus Slim
7 day Trial of Plexus Slim

7 day Trial of Plexus Slim

$ 29.95


You are purchasing a 7 day trial pack to see how you respond to it and if you like it!

Plexus Slim helps keep blood sugar,  cholesterol and lipids at healthy levels.  It was originally developed to help regulate an individual's glucose levels,  but when they all started losing weight and their cholesterol was lower,  they realized it would be beneficial for all!
It's really easy and affordable as there are no shakes,  no meal replacements, no sleeves of pills to keep up with and no special food needed!
Just one packet of Plexus Slim (kind of like a crystal light single serve packet), mixes with water, drink in the morning before breakfast and go on about your day! Super easy! I highly recommend it because it is a delicious raspberry watermelon flavor! My favorite part is that it reduces appetite, reduces carb/sugar cravings, and I have replaced the expense of these items with my Plexus slim!

While some do experience weight loss immediately, most people do not experience a weight loss during a 7 day trial. If you see your body responding positively with the above results,  then a 60 day commitment to it would be highly beneficial to you!
Plexus products balance the body through regulating blood sugar levels,  reducing inflammation and improving gut health which in turn allows your natural metabolism to balance.  They offer many great products,  but for this 7 day challenge you will be sampling the Plexus Slim as it is truly the starting point for gut health and blood sugar stabilization!

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