Organic Gilead Herb & Spice Soap

Organic Gilead Herb & Spice Soap

$ 8.50

This soap has been waiting to come to life for some time now! The cottonwood buds have been steeping in some Organic Olive oil for over a year😮 You can imagine how thick and saturated the oil was with the Balm of Gileads healing resin! .....
So I used it along with some Organic Ginger to make this very Limited Edition soap that is ideal for dry cracked skin!! It is also a natural anti bacterial/ anti fungal so it can help those who suffer with eczema, athletes foot and psoriasis!

It is the richest and finest smell you would instantly recognize if you were on the shores of the rivers here in Washington State!

Buds from a cottonwood tree are resinous, so you use the resin medicinally! This can be done with a cold infusion of olive oil, as you see I've done here😄 It is naturally antimicrobial so the oil it is extracted in is naturally preserved 😊

It is also known as Balm of Gilead. Cottonwood bud oil is extremely anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and it’s analgesic too!! It’s incredibly healing🙄and stimulates skin proliferation which would be helpful for hands 👐and boo boos😞!


You will receive (1) 3-4oz bar that has been cured for a minimum of 5 weeks. It will last the longest if you keep it out of water and dry between uses.