Organic Creams for Face & Body

Are you looking for a cream for your face or body or both?

You will find my most popular products here as my own Signature Lotion recipe has helped keep my business running for many years due to its popularity! Every order has at least one lotion in it as they are easily absorbed and REALLY WORK!! All of my creams start with a base of my Local Unrefined Beeswax and Certified Organic Oils. It naturally has a faint honey smell to it!

My handmade lotions do not contain any harmful parabens(methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, butyl-, isobutyl-) or petroleum ingredients, which are forms of un-natural preservatives used to prolong freshness for years. These harmful chemical ingredients are thought to increase your risk of cancer, damage endoctrine glands & reproductive systems, as well as harming the pure systems of babies & young children. When your body encounters un-natural substances it disposes of them, but if these chemicals are introduced in large quantities (such as through laundry detergent, perfumes, lotions, shampoo, & bubble baths), it has to store them away in the muscles & organs.