Organic Extra Strength Deodorant
Organic Extra Strength Deodorant

Organic Extra Strength Deodorant

$ 13.99

♦Made with all Organic Ingredients that help to eliminate odor causing bacteria with our own blend of Organic Essential Oils!

​ ​♦It is Free of Corn Starch and Zinc. We have chosen to use Tapioca Starch instead!​ Corn starch contains natural sugars that feed odor causing bacteria, which we want to avoid. Using Tapioca Starch instead helps to keep you feeling dry just like Corn Starch, without accelerating the life of common under arm bacteria!

♦Most Natural Deodorants are made with a high concentration of Coconut Oil which does not stand up well to the Summer heat, or for traveling!

​​ ♦We have blended Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which has its own anti-bacterial properties, with Organic Unrefined Beeswax AND Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter which helps harden it up! Unrefined ingredients contain all of the natural vitamins and enzymes that help your skin!

Ingredients: Organic extra virgin coconut oil, Organic unrefined cocoa butter, Organic local unrefined beeswax, Aluminum free baking soda, Organic GMO FREE tapioca starch, Proprietary blend of organic essential oils, 16 different organic essential oils

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