Clay Products

This clay is loaded with minerals deposited here in the North Cascade region 200,000 years ago! Honey Bee Holistics has sustainably harvested this Glaciomarine clay from the Northeastern sector of the Puget Sound.

The clay is hand harvested, dried and ground by Honey Bee Holistics. [See picture of location Map of Glaciomarine Deposits left during the receding of the glacier that carved out the Puget Sound in Washington State over 200,000 years ago. (**Geological Society of America Bulletin 1995 v. 107, p. 1288-1303)]

Then the ground clay is blended with Organic Essential oils that are specifically chosen for each listed skin type. While the clay particles gently exfoilate, the essential oils nourish the skin with the Organic plants and resins.

Safe enough for all skin types to use. Each treatment should be followed by an application of moisturizer to replenish lost oils. Honey Bee Holistics also has a fine line of Organic Lotions that are safe enough for facial use. Organic Lavender, Organic Calendula, and many others!

♦Do not use more than once per week or excessive dryness may occur.