Have you tried my 3 Step Skin Care Set yet?

I released my newest addition to my skin care offerings in early April! I was so happy to have come up with a way for you to not only cleanse, but tone and moisturize synergistically with nature with Organic essential oils! Check it out here if you have not checked it out already!

3 step skin care set collage


Each set contains essential oils that match your skin type. Whether normal, oily, or dry, the essential oils that are used  help to normalize the said skin type. They also contain aromatherapeudic properties that give an added benefit to the spa like experience!

Here they are described in detail for you to better match up the emotional effects each one has. They are all very similar, but differ in certain aspects depending on the essential oil used!

*Here I list the available HoneyBeeHolistics 3 step Organic Nectar Skin Care Sets and skin type match ups!

  • For Oily/Combination Skin: Ylang Ylang & Cedarwood

Ylang Ylang = helps balance oil production in the skin. It helps relieve anger, anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, insomnia, fear, panic & stress.

Cedarwood = relieves dermatitis and is astringent for acne prone skin. It helps clear confusion and decreases feelings of irritability & feelings of sensitivity.


  • For Dry/Mature Skin: Frankincense & Sandalwood

Frankincense = helps to repair damage to skin, is an anti-inflammatory and to retain moisture. It helps relieve stress, anger, depression, insomnia & sadness.

Sandalwood = provides an antiseptic healing property to heal skin. It helps counter stress, depression, insomnia and sadness.


  • For Normal Skin: Rosewood & Palmarosa

Rosewood = helps to rejuvenate cell production for healing and protection. It helps ease anger, depression, sadness, headaches and being over worked.

Palmarosa = helps to replenish moisture and regulate sebum production in pores. It calms and uplifts the emotions while refreshing the mind & clarifying thoughts.


How wonderful that you get a relaxing spa experience for your skin AND your mind as well!



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  • Jalia

    Hi Melissa! I was browsing your website and wow, you have so much information about natural skincare! It really is something I am deeply interested in. I used to use oils for skincare but after some time my skin complexion changed and became more oily… I don’t know, maybe I used the wrong oils. Now I use lighter creams but love using essential oils for hair care and massages on my body as well as floral waters as toners for my face! My favourites are rosemary water and ylang ylang. Have a nice day! x

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