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Did you know Babies Need Massages Too?

Ever since I became a Mom, I came to realize the importance of spending quality time with my child one-on-one! The most fun time for my daughter, of course, is bath time! She has fun playing and getting washed up, as I also get splashed sometimes too! After bath time, I make sure to replenish the oils to her skin that were lost in the warm bath water with a smooth lotion or oil. Massaging with natural oils provides a “second skin” of moisture protection along with many emotional and physical benefits. For healthy babies, the benefits from massage include decreased sleep problems, improved skin condition, more efficient blood circulation & better waste elimination. Other typical positive results after one month of...

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Have you tried my 3 Step Skin Care Set yet?

I released my newest addition to my skin care offerings in early April! I was so happy to have come up with a way for you to not only cleanse, but tone and moisturize synergistically with nature with Organic essential oils! Check it out here if you have not checked it out already!   Each set contains essential oils that match your skin type. Whether normal, oily, or dry, the essential oils that are used  help to normalize the said skin type. They also contain aromatherapeudic properties that give an added benefit to the spa like experience! Here they are described in detail for you to better match up the emotional effects each one has. They are all very similar, but...

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